Hu-Shan features/highlights

Located in Yuanshan Township, Hu-Shan Elementary School’s mission is to introduce, refine, and execute ecological knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes.

A small school, Hu-Shan Elementary has one class per grad. From Grade 1 to Grade 6, each class is capped at 20 students. The school also focuses on outdoor education. This ensures that all students learn inside and outside of the classroom.


One unique offering of Hu-Shan Elementary is the Ecolish (Ecology + English) class. Here, students are offered the opportunity to learn about organisms, like butterflies, dragonflies, and frogs, and the outdoors, like Wang Long Lake and mountains.




Extracurricular Activities


Hu-Shan Elementary is most well-known for its dodgeball team. The team competes around the country and has won many awards.

Above: Students on the dodge ball team begin their warm-up before practice.


Other student clubs include the pottery club, the ocarina club, and the Chinese yo-yo club. All students are encouraged to join at least one student club. In addition to clubs, Hu-Shan competes and achieves excellent results in the English Easy Go competition every year.

Students crafting their pottery.

Students practicing their ocarina.

Students posing for a picture after a successful EEG.




Hu-Shan Elementary School is located in Yuanshan Township, Yilan County. There are several beautiful sights surrounding the school. Visitors can explore Wang Long Lake and enjoy local grown fruits. Surrounding the lake, there are beautiful trails and many various farms to visit.

Above: The beautiful Wang Long Lake



Address: No. 54, Pocheng Road, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Taiwan (R.O.C).

Phone: 03 922 1174